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Money Transfer

Free for first transactions for the money transfer service from Australia to Vietnam
The following information will be useful for people in demand to transfer money to their loved ones and their friends in Vietnam.
Blockchain remittance Vietnam & Remittance advice from an expert
If blockchain remittance solutions can save overseas Vietnamese, overseas workers between 6 and 9 percent in fees, then in 2019 the net additional remittance received in Vietnam would have been $1-1.5 billion based on the same amount remitted.
Remittances to Ho Chi Minh reached a record in 2020 $6.1 billion
The amount of remittances flowing into Ho Chi Minh City soared at the end of the year and reached a record 6.1 billion USD, up to 12% over the same period in 2019.
The Digital Payment Companies & Their Best Way Of Sending Money Oversea
Want to transfer and receive money overseas to Vietnam. 5 fintech payment, global money transfer companies give you the best remittance.
Ripple’s Mission in Action
Today’s economies are increasingly global. The advent of new technology has transformed the standardization, speed and cost of the transportation of goods and information exchange, especially in fintech.
Western Union CEO: ‘We’re On An M&A Hunt’
The Financial Times (FT) reported Western Union (WU) is planning to use opportunities arising from the pandemic to gobble up its weaker rivals.