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"Change the traditional ways" is an overused phrase. In Vietnam, everybody uses money. Whether it's cash or with a credit card, kept in a bank or under a mattress, money enables the transfer of goods and services that improve people's lives. But the systems by which we transfer money have evolved very slowly. Money today is inefficient. And inefficiencies mean that things take longer and cost more than they need to. Quite often, these costs are borne by people who can least afford them. And it doesn't have to be that way.

Why is it easy to send money from the US to India, Philippines but very slow and expensive to send money to Vietnam? Why do so many Vietnameses have smartphones to access the internet, but no way to make a payment transaction?

We’re faster, safer, simpler and you can do it all your way, or on your mobile, to fit in with how we live today. Started in late 2014 we’ve rapidly grown into the country’s largest payout network with multiple payout channels. Currently we can receive money from over 190 countries, can transfer in over 50 currencies, and have technology that can reach almost every person’s bank account in the Vietnam. By keeping old generation to use Cash and enabling younger generation with a smartphone to make money move to any other smartphone from the world as quickly and easily as they receive a text message, we're creating a direct peer to peer model that doesn't even require a bank account to participate. We've cut out a lot of the players that slow things down. In payments terms, we're building our own "rails", making it both faster and less expensive to receive money from abroad, or to pay bills cross border. And doing it all from a single app. It's a complex process in the back end but we keep the front end dead simple, because we're dedicated to making the end user experience as easy as possible.

See our About Us page for more background. Our small team size means you'll be able to make a big impact, while our funding will give you the runway to do just that.

Will we change the traditional ways? With your help, we just might and helping you reach your fullest potential. We know there’s more to life than work and that there’s a whole world outside our door. But we do want to make the time we all spend at Pay Way both productive and enjoyable. Interested?

Passionate - Reliable

  • Leverage relationship: Contribution with real & leading player that unlock top SEA network
  • Multi-channel services: provide 100% guaranty & standard only
  • A Will to Win: exhibit a strong will to win in marketplace & in every aspect of collaboration
  • Added values: not only trusted brand, but also great attitude for going long last
How It Works?
We use innovative blockchain technology to deliver better solutions across emerging economies, greater access to digital age to shift the way money moves Faster - Simpler - Cheaper, making especially with Leading Payout Network, Multi - channels, Real Time Transactions and as a result participate more actively in the global economy!
What's Pay Way?
Pay Way is Money Beyond Border E-marketplace Platform that helps service providers expand quickly to unreached markets with a full spectrum of remittance & payment services. A multitude of infrastructural money movement subject is to come together towards eminently pragmatic as a strategic territorial concept, to search for new ideas and better experiences in hyper-connected world deserves financial partners which cross border money movement solutions come together in new exciting spaces.
Why's Pay Way?
It is a B2B model as a One Stop Shop with single API integrated for multi remittance channels and for global payments network interconnects mobile wallet operators, merchants, money transfer operators, financial institutions, banks and other digital service providers, enabling the seamless in/out movement of funds Fast Reliable & Convenient with no fake exchange rates, no hidden fees, no extra cost... but with monitoring and reporting, preferred currencies, wider range of methods, ... and Top Trusted Partnership Brand.
How's Pay Way?
Bringing new tech mainstream, we aim to provide a comprehensive foundation for the future of financial infrastructures that facilitating cross-border transactions in real-time. The Pay Way’s innovative with a financial transaction platform and perfect infrastructure network that enables partners as banks, MTOs, bill payment service providers, cryptocurrencies FX/ traders and other digital financial institutions around the world to access these functionalities easily, reliably, and securely, to directly transact via API with local market.

Migrants move on demand, $ billions moving every second, from routine remittance to major life plans, PayWay solutions are there, >150 coutries, enabling all methods as Deposit to accounts, Direct to cards, Cash pick-up, ATM withdraw, Credit to eWallets or Door to door service.

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